Qatar 2017

With 4 hours and closed participation over 300 shortlisted  participants with the support of 20,000 of on-lookers, California Tortilla Reverse Walk was a greater success than the year before! Thank you to all our fans for being part and to “Rewind the Pain” for the benefit of Qatar Diabetes Association!



Reverse Walk Summary

Here is the summary of our great event Reverse walk 2017. Thank you for everyone & we hope to see you in our next edition and our upcoming events.يسرنا أن نقدم لكم ملخص فعالية المشي العكسي ٢٠١٧ التي أقيمت الجمعة الماضية في حديقة أسباير شكرا لكل من شاركنا ونأمل أن نراكم في النسخة القادمة وفي فعالياتنا المقبلة

Posted by California Tortilla Qatar on Wednesday, 8 March 2017

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