10 Little-known Benefits Of Reverse Walking:

  1. The muscles of the front (tibialis anterior) and back (gastro/achilles) of the shin and ankle are strengthened, owing to the increased strain of performing an unfamiliar exercise.
  2. Walking backward increases cardiovascular endurance significantly more than walking forward under the same conditions.
  3. We expend more energy and burn more calories than those who work out at the same pace consistently for a longer duration. When engaging in a new activity which requires a greater effort, we exert ourselves more. The increased metabolism will result in weight loss for those who press on.
  4. Studies have shown that using other muscle groups by performing different exercises protects our muscles and tendons from overuse. The knee joint and the patella joint (the joint where the kneecap glides on the knee), in particular, benefit from backward walking.
  5. Adding a new activity to our regular exercise routine prevents boredom, so we are less likely to stop exercising.
  6. For those over 50, improving our balance and coordination is even more important. Backward locomotion improves the functions of our cerebellum which coordinates and balances our bodily movements as well as flexibility.
  7. Because we are on the constant lookout for danger and obstacles on our path, practically all of the five senses (and even the sixth) are sharpened.
  8. Our reflexes are sharpened at the same time.
  9. It can help prevent the development of a hunchback.
  10. It promotes blood circulation and prevents lumbago.


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